Help Me Rescue This Beautiful Girl

Help Me Rescue This Beautiful Girl

From Tabitha Mae Nash:

I’m currently on holiday in Mauritius, and I’ve come across many stray dogs, all of them being seriously skinny and mistreated. I’ve completely fallen in love with this baby and I’ve named her Bella, I am so desperate to bring her back to the UK where I can give her the life she deserves, with a loving home. She has been sleeping in my suitcase in my room most nights and I’ve been sneaking out meat from our meals to feed her also giving her freshwater as she usually only drinks seawater and pool water which has left her severely dehydrated 🙁 please help me save this little girl. It breaks my heart to think about what will happen to her once I leave. I need to raise at least £1000 to contribute to bringing her home, as I’ve only just finished uni and I’m here on a celebration holiday I just don’t have the funds to cover all the costs myself or I would. The costs cover the collection of the dog from our resort and taken to quarantine where she will be monitored given relevant injections and checked over to make sure she is ready to make the long journey. It will also cover the flight to Paris where again she will remain in care. After another couple of weeks, I will then be able to travel to Paris personally to collect her and bring her home. To get her sent directly to the UK is around £2000 so sending her to Paris is the cheapest option.

I really hope everyone gets behind me in supporting such a huge problem on this island, saving one is only the start but it’s a step forward in the right direction in giving these dogs a better quality of life in the UK where they can be properly kept, loved and looked after.

This little girl’s life is worth so much more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Lots of Love

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